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Standard Products
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Filled Grades Of PTFE

Standard Products >>>

Sheets :

We offer PTFE Sheets in thickness between
1 mm and 25 mm in a range of sizes from
150 x 150 mm to 600 x 600 mm & above.


We offer PTFE Tape in the width
varying from 10 mm to 600 mm & thickness
varying from 0.05 mm to 2 mm.

Width Thickness
10 to 75 mm 0.05 to 3 mm
75 to 300 mm 0.1 to 5 mm
300 to 600 mm 0.1 to 2 mm

Bondable Sheets / Tapes :

Our speciality is tapes and sheets with chemical treatment to enable bonding using any commercially available adhesive. Please inquire for further details.

  Bonadable Sheets / Tapes
Rods :

We offer PTFE rods in any diameter from 6 mm to 200 mm. The standard length offered is 300 mm but in special cases, for smaller diameters lengths up to 1 metre can be offered.

Tubes / Bushes :

PTFE tubes / bushes are available in all sizes with OD ranging from 15 to 800 mm and ID ranging from 10 to 700 mm.

  Tubes / Bushes

Thread-Sealant Tapes & Universal Rope Gaskets :

Thread-sealant tapes are available in 1/2", 3/4", 1" widths. PTFE rope is available in circular cross-section (3 mm to 10 mm) and square cross section (4 mm to 12.5 mm).

  Thread-Sealant Tapes & Universa Rope Gaskets

User Specific Products >>>


Seals / Gaskets / Envelope Gaskets :

We offer a variety of PTFE seals and gaskets as per the user's specifications. PTFE seals are reliable, corrosion resistant, non - contaminating non-aging and can be used up to +250 C. Envelope Gaskets are named so as rubber or asbestos rings are sandwiched between PTFE flaps. These gaskets have the resilience of asbestos or rubber but have corrosion resistance of PTFE and are widely used in glass, glass-lined, carbon, porcelain or plastic equipment.



Seal / Gaskets / Ennvelope Gaskets


Bellows :

Bellows are used to compensate for thermal expansion, misalignment of the line as well as to combat vibration and noise. PTFE bellows can be used at any temperatures from -250C to +250C and are excellent dampeners of noise and vibrations. They also have excellent flex-life and are non-ageing. We can, manufacture PTFE bellows as per clients specifications.





Specially Fabricated Components :

We offer a wide range of components specially fabricated to meet a client's specific requirements. Such components may be as simple as a spherical ball or sleeve for a plug valve or may be fairly complex like a ball valve consisting of six different parts or a steam sparger or dip-pipe consisting of as many as dozen parts - all made of PTFE.


Specially Fabricated Components

Specially Fabricated Components


Filled Grades Of PTFE >>>

Inorganic fillers such as glass, carbon, graphite, bronze are added to PTFE to improve its mechanical and wear properties. All products mentioned here are available in filled grades of PTFE.

Glass-Filled PTFE :

Enhanced load bearing and other mechanical properties. Good chemical and electrical properties. Resists oxidation and is good in acids.
Major Applications : Seals, seal rings, valve seats and valve plugs, bearings, bearing pads, gaskets.

Carbon-Filled PTFE :

Excellent load bearing, wear and frictional properties under rubbing conditions and good abrasion resistance. Among the best PTFE filler for use in water. Chemical inertness permits use in a wide variety of corrosive environments.
Major Applications : Bearings, seal rings, piston rings, valve plugs and compressor rings, gaskets.

Graphite-Filled PTFE :

Reduces initial wear and improved load bearing and frictional performance. Especially well suited to high load carrying applications and high speed rubbing contact with soft metals.
Major Applications : Piston and compressor rings, slide and sleeve bearings, seal rings.

Bronze-Filled PTFE :

Improved thermal conductivity, hardness, compressive strength and resistance to creep. Enhanced dimensional stability under static load. Frictional and wear properties suitable to wide range of dynamic bearings and seals.
Major Applications : Valve seats and valve plugs, bearings, piston rings.


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